Sensei Loh is the best teacher of children I have ever seen. He encourages them, plays with them and gains their respect as weel as teaching them many life skills. Our grandson has grown from an intensley shy child from one who would not join in, to one who is outgoing and confident, his fitness and concentration has also improved. I, like many parents/carers who attend the classes leave the dojo turn and bow to Sensei. I feel he teaches me as well.

- Ken Stevenson

My son loves it there.
It's worth the drive to Moonnee ponds from Caroline spring.

Trent Padula

6 years and counting. No place is as welcoming and can boost your confidence.

- Max Hoyle

Kata, basic karate techniques, sparring and wrestling make for excellent exercise, good sleep
and stress reduction - the instruction is first class, old-fashioned and rock solid!

Frederik Vervaet

My children have been attending classes at Shogun for four years and eagerly look forward to their weekly classes. 
Over the years they have developed friendships, felt a strong sense of belonging and being a part of the Shogun family in what
is always a welcoming and friendly environment.  Their fitness and strength has also improved and developed immensely over that time. I have watched my children's confidence and self esteem grow as they learn more difficult kata and moves. They have also been given the opportunity to learn, develop and demonstrate leadership skills, something that will serve them well throughout their lives. I have no hesitation in recommending Shogun to anyone, young or older. Thanks Sensei!

- Lisa

Several years ago our son Latham expressed the interest in trying Karate. We went to a few tryout sessions at several local
Karate schools. Latham chose Shogun Martial arts centre in Moonee Ponds as it offered a friendly and inviting environment.
Since then over three years later he has gained excellent self confidence and enjoyment from his classes. 
We would fully recommend the centre to anyone wanting to participate in the art of Karate.
Sensei Loh and his instructors create a great environment for juniors and adults alike to participate .

- Kelly & John Smith (North Carlton)

Our son has been attending the Shogun Martial Arts Centre in Moonee Ponds since he was 8 years old, (12 years ago).
We are very proud to submit his testimonial written when he was aged 11.

-Terri & Phil Punshon

“Most of you know me but for those who don’t, my name is Paul and I am 11 years old.
I started at Shogun Martial Arts with SenseiLoh when I was 8. Mum and dad had always wanted me to do martial arts and I
was happy to do it because I thought it would help
me to handle the bullies at school and help me to grow into a very strong kid. From my very first day, Karate was lots of fun. We jumped,tumbled, laughed and cheered our way through our training
as we unwittingly developed and improved our karate skills. Some days were tougher than others but Sensei’s inspiration and support made me determined never to let him or karate kid friends down. Coming twice a week everyweek, I’ve made lasting friendships which I value a lot. In addition Karate has given me a sense of self worth I didn’t have before. It also taught me
self-discipline and gave me the strength to meet difficult challenges and achieve seemingly impossible goals in other areas of my life as well. What I learn at Karate also helps me with my schoolwork, piano, swimming and learning a foreign language. Karate is verymuch a part of me now and I know that no matter what other commitments I might have and no
matter how old I am, it will always be an important part of my life. I hope to help others get the same benefits from Karate
I’ve had and continue to enjoy, and hopefully make Sensei proud of me. Thank you Sensei and Shogun for all you have given
and continue to give all of us." 

- Paul Punshon (Age 11)

We as parents are very proud of our son ‘s achievements and ongoing commitment to pursue his goals. Sensei Loh’s life time dedication to martial arts and ongoing commitment to his students has been a major contributor to Paul’s success. So far Paul has obtained a 3rd Dan ranking in Karate, 2nd Dan in Kobudo (Okinawan weapons), instructor in Iaido (Samurai sword) and is presently undertaking education as a concert pianist at Melbourne University’s Conservatorium of Music. Sensei Loh, Shogun’s owner and Chief Instructor is a world renowned martial arts master who embodies the spirit of Okinawan martial arts in his school. The school provides a permanent, safe, supervised environment for students to practice Karate,
Okinawan weapons and Samurai sword. It’s instructors and students practice mutual respect, commitment,
and a strong sense of family values and encouragement sadly lacking in todays society. 
It is with a deep sense of honour and great pride we associate our family with Shogun Martial Arts.

- Terri & Phil Punshon