Martial arts classes at Shogun are like no other. 
Our culture is about empowering students and members
of all ages, creating a liberating environment driven
by a friendly, all-inclusive community.

All instructors, members and students share trust and friendship, working in mutual respect with one another
to grow in self-confidence and ability, whilst enjoying an ancient art, that not only promotes important fitness
and health practices, but also equips them with the skills necessary for everyday life. 

At Shogun we do not have a one size fits all policy, but take into account the personality and ability of each individual, with specially designed programs that focus on an ownership of ones behaviour across the physical, mental and emotional. All in a safe and positive environment which sees the development
of great friendships and skilful martial arts people.



Karate classes are based on
Shito-Ryu training methods and teachings.
With a focus on producing highly skilled martial arts people across our kids, teens and adults classes.



Kobudo classes pertain to the ancient Okinawan martial arts weapons, consisting of the Nanchaku, Tonfa, Bo Staff,
Kama and Sai. 



Samurai sword classes consist of training centred around the ancient Japanese
art of sword drawing, cutting and
a combination of attack and defence.