Shogun Martial Arts Centre, Shito-Ryu, was founded by Sensei Kong Wing Loh- 8th Dan Black belt
in Shito-Ryu Karate and 6th Dan Black
belt in Okinawan Kobudo. 

For over 40 years, Sensei Kong Wing Loh has taught countless students, 
young and old the art of karate. 

Through his dedication, and the commitment of the Shogun team and community,
Shogun Martial Arts Centre has grown to become
Australia's leading Karate Dojo. 


Shihan Kong-Wing Loh: Regarded as one of the finest karate exponents, Kong-Wing Loh began his martial arts career in 1968.
Born in Singapore on January 27th 1952, he began his martial arts career studying Shito-Ryu Karate
at 16 years of age, after 4 years Judo and boxing in high school.

Holder of 8th Dan Black belt in Shito-Ryu Karate, 6th Dan Black belt in Okinawan Kobudo, Kong Wing has produced many
state and national champions and is currently the Chief Instructor and Program Director of Shogun Martial Arts Centre
in Moonee Ponds Victoria, Australia.
Always competitively active, he was one of the top five fighters awarded in Los Angeles
at the 3rd WUKO Championship in 1975, after competing in the 1st and 2nd World Karate Championship in Tokyo and Paris
in 1970 and 1972 respectively. 
Traditionally trained, Kong Wing quickly established himself as a key player in the Asia Pacific Region.
He won the inaugural Asia Pacific Karate-do Championship and was the first person to beat a top Shotokan fighter in the open weight division. In 1974, he was appointed by the Sultan of Brunei as a private instructor to the Royal Family of Brunei.

During his appointment, Kong Wing spread Shito-Ryu Karate to the Brunei Police Department, Youth Department and International School. Kong Wing has continuously maintained a strong profile in the martial arts scene after immigrating to Australia in 1980.
To gain recognition for his expertise in the adopted country, he again competed in several state and national titles in free
sparing and Kata, winning him a place in the Australian team for APUKO in Nagoya in 1983.

Martial arts classes at Shogun are like no other. 
Our culture is about empowering students and members
of all ages, creating a liberating environment driven
by a friendly, all-inclusive community.

All instructors, members and students share trust and friendship, working in mutual respect with one another
to grow in self-confidence and ability, whilst enjoying an ancient art, that not only promotes important fitness
and health practices, but also equips them with the skills necessary for everyday life. 

At Shogun we do not have a one size fits all policy, but take into account the personality and ability of each individual, 
with specially designed programs that focus on an ownership of ones behaviour across the physical, mental and emotional. 
All in a safe and positive environment which sees the development of great friendships and skilful martial arts people.

The Shogun dojo is welcomed by a traditional Japanese garden- our little entrance of tranquil as you enter from
the hustle and bustle of Puckle Street. Inside you will find state of the art equipment, including safety flooring- 
providing students and members firm impact resistance and protection. 

Meet Our Team

Shihan Kong-Wing Loh
Cheif Instructor/ Program Director, 
8th Dan Black belt in Shito-Ryu, 6th Dan Black belt Okinawan Kobudo

Paul Punshon.jpg

Paul Punshon
Traveled, trained and graded in Okinawa. 3rd Dan in Karate, 2nd Dan
Okinawan Kobudo. Paul has been training with some top Karate, Kobudo and Samurai sword masters in Okinawa. Board of Examiners for grading

Declan Basil.jpg

Declan Basil
Instructor, 3rd Dan in Karate,
2nd Dan Kobudo. Traveled, trained and graded in Okinawa 2009. State and National Tournaments 2016.

Matt Ball.jpg

Matthew Ball
2nd Dan Black belt in Karate, 1st Dan Black belt Okinawan Kobudo. Winner of State and National titles in Kata and Free sparring.

Gabriel D'Alberto.jpg

Gabriel D'Alberto
Assistant Instructor

Mick Pope.jpg

Mick Pope
Senior Instructor. BJJ Black Under Ninos Dammo and the Australian Elite Team. Training in BJJ for 16 years and an active competitor in the masters division. Training in Martial Arts for 30 years - including Karate, Judo, Wrestling ad Muay Thai. Mike has a passion for sharing what he knows with others.

Alex Esposito.jpg

Alex Esposito
Senior Instructor

Caleb Ryan.jpg

Caleb Ryan
Junior Instructor

Latham Smith.jpg

Latham Smith
Junior Instructor

Lara Karunajeewa.jpg

Lara Karunajeewa
Junior Instructor

Angelica Fox.jpg

Angelica Fox
Junior Instructor

Caoihim Corcoran.jpg

Caoihim Corcoran
Junior Instructor